Oscar Awards 2021: Producers Revealed Plans For Ceremony With Strict COVID Guidelines

by Shatakshi Gupta

Due to the surge in the COVID-19 cases worldwide, Oscar 2021 producers, Jesse Collins, Stacey Sher and Steven Soderbergh have disclosed the plans for the ceremony. They shared this information about how the event will be made successful while following the COVID protocols.

The venue for most of the ceremony is Union Station. The room there has been beautifully redesigned by David Rockwell- a production designer, with the hope to encourage winners to say something meaningful.

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Earlier, it was revealed that different stages have been arranged for the celebrities who are going to perform at this award ceremony.

People are eagerly waiting for the 93rd Academy Awards

Ever since the 93rd Academy Award nominations were announced in March, there has been excitement among cinema lovers. The nomination of this award ceremony was announced by Priyanka Chopra Jonas and Nick Jonas.

The producers are trying to make this event a grand success while avoiding the risk of infection. After the show’s producers announced the detailed plan, fans have been given updates related to the grand ceremony to be held on April 25 this year. Producers laid out the plan, how the COVID-19 protocol will be integrated into the broadcast of the show. With this, they want to ensure that all candidates and participants remain safe in the three-hour ceremony.

What Producers said?

Stacey Sher said,“The narrative of the evening will be how we have gotten people back to work and what is involved exactly in doing that. There is that sort of strand that is going to run throughout the program of following the science of keeping people safe.”

She further said, “The whole situation has been incredibly fluid in making sure that we are adhering to the guidelines in terms of capacity, and how we are allowed to move people, and how long we are allowed to keep them in certain places. There is no universe in which we are ever going to put anybody at risk.”

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Another Producer, Collins said that the show is shaping into something they never dreamt of. He said that they are following Soderbergh’s ‘manifesto’, which states the show will be showcased like a novel, instead of a TV show. He said, “It will be 24 frames per second, widescreen, with shots designed like movie shots, including over the shoulder.”