Shocked: Courier company delivers snake in parcel

by Madhvi Bansal

You may heard several times about the wrong delivery incidents like mobile phone order turns into the delivery of soap in the packing. Recently, a man in Odisha has faced the worse experience with online delivery. He had placed an order for the groceries from Vijaywada but he got a live cobra inside the courier parcel. A video of the snake inside the courier parcel has already took the way of social media to make the noise. The worse thing is that it will definitely make you worry about your next parcel receive at home. 

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Be alert more the next time you place online order

Report of snake in the parcel insisted online buyers to stay more alert from the next time they receive parcel at home. S Muthukumaran, an employee of L&T Private Limited, from Andhra Pradesh lives in Rairangpur area Odisha’s Mayurbanj district. He ordered some groceries online from a store in Vijaywada. While he was unpacking the parcel, he found 3-4 feet cobra snake inside the packing. He told to Sun Times in Odisha that he was shocked to see the cobra inside the packing. He added though household items were there inside the parcel so the snake might have entered into the box midway where the parcel was stationed during shipping to Odisha. 

Snake might have followed the rats

According to the reports, rats might have somehow managed to make hole in the parcel in search for the food as the parcel contained grocery items in it. It might be the same hole through which the snake had entered into the box either after the rat or to hide itself. A Twitter user joke, “It must be a ‘sarp-rise’ for that guy”. “Just get a ladder and start playing, human” comments another.

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Forest Department took the cobra away

After discovering the snake inside the consignment, Muthukumaran immediately informed the forest department about his shocking discovery. Rairangpur ranger Ashok Das hence sent two forest guards to rescue the snake. They safely rescued the cobra and later released it into the Kucheibudhi reserve forest.