The fitness routine of Neeta Ambani                                                        

by Madhvi Bansal
Fitness routine of Neeta Ambani

Being the second in command in of the pioneer company of the country ,the likes of Neeta Ambani has to be a tad cautious in terms of her appearance . As she might be the role model for thousands out there trying to be like her.

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On asking Neeta Ambani who is your role model for fitness, her reply was priceless she said her son Anant is her source of inspiration. I would like to mention that her son has successfully shed 108 kg. Neeta Ambani said that she is very strict with her fitness motives, she added that at the time of marriage she was of 47 kg which increased to a whooping 90 kg at the time of her child’s delivery. This was when she resorted to be a tad cautious about her fitness. 

She runs several NGO’s under the reliance foundation which aim towards a healthy society, being the chairperson of such foundation she must present herself as the icon so that others follow her. 

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Her fitness instructor ensures that she must follow a routine of  time bound exercises in order to keep her body in shape. First up is a brief spell of walking cum jogging followed by a 40 minutes spell of exercise and yoga, to burn the excess fat and attain internal peace.  She said in an interview that she is not a gym person she doesn’t likes to visit the gym. Instead she has a personal trainer who trains her to exercise regularly. 

To keep herself fit, she is into the habit of consuming different kinds of natural substances such as detox water and nuts. Her diet is specifically designed to regulate the intake of all the requisites of a healthy body.  According to her she is a divine believer of yoga and is into the habit of practicing yoga daily. By now you must have understood how strict routine Mrs Ambani has to follow in order to attain fitness. 

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