Election Commission Asks Twitter India to Remove All Tweets Related to Exit Polls

by Madhvi Bansal
Election Commission

With the seven-stage Lok Sabha decisions reaching an end, the Race Commission of India has apparently requested Twitter India to expel all tweets identified with leave surveys. The leave surveys will be declared on May 19, which will likewise check the last period of casting a ballot.

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Race Commission requests that Twitter expel all leave survey posts after it got a grievance

The EC’s turn came after it got certain “protest”, sources mindful of the advancement said Thursday, including that the client later evacuated the tweet. The sources, be that as it may, did not determine the grumbling.

“There is no such broad request issued by ECI today. Just a single case was accounted for to us today which the client himself expelled,” a senior functionary said.

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Sources said the client later expelled the tweet

The move came multi day after it issued show-cause notice to three news sources for purportedly distributing an overview “foreseeing results” of Lok Sabha decisions.

Area 126A of the Portrayal of the General population Act expresses that “no individual will gather information and distribute or advertise by methods for the print or electronic media… the aftereffect of any leave survey amid such period… If there should be an occurrence of a general decision, the period may start from the earliest starting point of the hours fixed for survey on the main day of survey and proceed till 30 minutes in the wake of shutting of the survey in every one of the states and association regions.”

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It additionally says that no individual will gather information and distribute or announce by methods for the print or electronic media or disperse in some other way, at all, the aftereffect of a leave survey amid such period, as might be told by the Decision Commission in such manner.

The leave surveys will be declared on May 19 after end of the seventh stage

The area likewise recommends that any individual, who negates the arrangements of this segment, will be culpable with detainment for a term which may stretch out to two years or with fine or with both.