What Acne On The Different Parts Of The Body Tells About Your Health?

by Shatakshi Gupta

We usually encounter skin problems on a day to day basis.  Some of these recover over time, while some last for a longer period.  There are a plethora of skin products in the market to prevent skin problems, but still, people face blemishes, dry patches, oily pores and acne.

Acne is a common problem that affects most people.  It causes itching and inflammation on the skin.  Acne is usually caused by the activation of oily glands. 

But did you know that acne on your forehead, cheeks and chin, pops out due to problems inside the body, which requires immediate attention.  Let’s know why acne comes out on different parts of the body and what do they reflect on our health?

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Acne on T-Zone

The area between the eyebrows, nose and chin is called T-zone.  Acne in this area comes out due to gastrointestinal imbalance or food allergy.  Acne on the nose mostly comes out due to problems in the kidneys and liver.  It also signifies high blood pressure.  This requires treating stomach problems and avoiding food allergies.

Acne on Cheek

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The cheek is a very sensitive area of our face.  Acne on the cheeks is caused due to problem in the respiratory system or due to non-cleaning of teeth.  To avoid this, special attention should be paid to the cleanliness of your body.

Acne on Arm, thigh and back

 Pimples also occur on the arm, thigh and back due to changes in hormones and genetic problems.  Apart from this, using some types of clothing and body lotion also cause acne in these parts of the body. Medical advice is needed to cure them.

Acne on Chin

The reason behind the acne on the chin is hormonal imbalance.  If they persist, then you must contact your doctor for the treatment of hormonal problems.  Apart from this, this problem is also caused by disturbances in the digestive system.

Acne on Forehead

Acne on the forehead occurs due to poor digestive system.  If you have a stomach problem, then you are more likely to get acne on your forehead.  To avoid this, drink enough water and get at least 7 hours of sleep.  Lifestyle changes can cure pimples.