Know About These 7 Unique Villages Of The World

by Shatakshi Gupta

We often keep coming across weird and strange things which are happeningaround the world.  Apart from this, here we have a list of some places which are themselves strange and some you may find weird.

Today wewill be talking about some of such villages, which are quiet different from other common places or villages. You will probably be amazed to know about such villages. So here’s the list.

Village of One kidney people

Weirdest one in this list is this village, which is situated in Nepal, and is famous because each one who belongs to this village is supported by only one kidney. People of this place sell their one kidney, merely for Rs.2000, in order to feed their stomach. Since then, the name of this village is now ‘Kidney Valley‘. Previously, the name of this village was ‘Hokse’.

No Doors Village

 Shani Shingnapur located in Maharashtra is also popular as a village without doors. People of this village have a belief that due to some special grace of Shani Dev at this village, no acts of theft happen in this village. This is the reason why no one gets a door installed in his/her house here.

Blue Village

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Spain is placed among the most beautiful tourist attractions around the world. Here, you can also visit an amazing village, whose name is Juzcar. This village of Spain, is all blue. Each and every house of this village is painted blue in colour.

There is also a short story behind this Blue Village. In the year 2011, a 3D film was being made by Sony Pictures, and it was for that movie when, 12 youths here painted their homes with blue. Since then, gradually everyone turned their houses blue.

 Village with its own sun

Viganella, which is situated in Italy, is a village. The location of this village is in a deep valley, due to this reason the sun is neither visible nor sunlight reaches here.

In order to overcome this issue, the engineers and architects installed an elephantine mirror, so that the sunlight could reflect and reach the village.

No Road Village

‘Giethoorn’ village of Netherlands, is also a unique one. In this village you will see no road, people reach to this village by the way of canals and boats.

Sleeping Village

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This village is located in Kazakhstan. The weird thing about this village is that the people residing here have a lot of sleeping disorders, and because of this reason the entire village keeps sleeping.

Village of Dwarfs

One village of China’s ‘Sichuan’ state is well-known for its dwarf population. The people living in this village are of the height which is less than the average height of an adult. Around 36 people out of 80 living in this village have height which falls between ‘three feet ten inches’ to ‘two feet one inch’.