Intrigued To Know Whether A Man Is Attracted Towards You? Check For These 9 Signs

by Shatakshi Gupta

It is not rocket science to know if a man is attracted towards you.  There are many ways to know whether he is attracted to you or not, from his eye contact to his body language. If you too want to know this, then try to find these signs in him.

Always finding excuse to be with you

Does he ask you to help him with everything from housework to outside? Does he cook for you simply because you have had a long day and you are very tired?  If he tries to be around you all the time and just finds ways to get closer to you in any way, then he can be considered as likely to be attracted towards you.

Check for his vagaries around you

If any person is attracted to a girl, he will try to leave his mark on the girl in every way. Then even if he has to do something serious for this, and even if there is a possibility of any kind of injury, he will do all this and will want you to take care of him in case of injury. If he does not do any kind of risky work in general, but he is not afraid to take any risk in front of you, then it is likely that he will do all this to focus his attention on you. Also see, if he immediately look at you after doing a risky job or try to get his eyes on you – if so, then he is just trying to get your reaction. 

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Envy of other boys

When you have lunch with your co-workers or drink coffee, does he look unhappy?  Does he supervise people living around you?  If you have a male friend, does he often criticize that friend of yours?  You will not get this jealousy of him all the time, but if he is really jealous of you and this male friend of yours, he will probably be far away from you to show his jealousy to you. 

Always gifting you

If he gives you flowers or something that makes you happy, then this is also a very big sign of him being attracted to you. Why would someone bring you a gift to make your day even better?  Maybe, he shows you, while giving a gift, that this gift doesn’t matter too much to him, and if you reject it, it doesn’t matter.  But really he is doing all of this just and simply because he likes you.

Being conscious about his looks

If he plays with his hair, removes dirt from his clothes, doing something with hiz shirt, removing dirt from his shoes, or just trying to look good in front of you in any way, is also a big sign of him being attracted to you. If you find him too much aware of his appearance in front of you, or whenever you go in front of him, he pays more attention to his looks, then this implies that he likes you.

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Often stares at you

 If a man is attracted towards you, it is likely that you will find him staring at you at some point in a room. Of course, you do not need to try very hard to catch him staring at you, otherwise he will feel that you are staring at him ( what actually you are doing).  If you look at him, and he also catches sight of you, he is probably attracted to you. If he starts looking somewhere else or seems a bit shy, then this is a good sign for you.

Leans his body towards you while talking

 If a human being is interested in you, so even if symbolically or explicitly tilts his body towards you when you say something.  These are all very general rules of attraction. If he likes you, he will try to lean his shoulder, his face his arms and his body towards you. If he turns away from you or is less inclined towards you, he is probably not attracted to you.

Finding excuses to touch you

 If he is really attracted to you, he will find every possible excuse to touch you. This means, when you come into a room, he put his hand lightly on your back, he pats you lightly on your shoulder or hands, or he is standing so close to you that your hands or feet get in touch with him and if he is not getting away then he likes you.

Keeps talking about you

He might be attracted towards you so much, that his day begins with your words and ends with the same. He somehow talks about you. The root of such loving behavior is his attraction towards you, which has increased so much, that he is unable to control even the things that come out of his mouth. He might even apologize for speaking so much  and even say, “I don’t know why I told you all this” just because maybe he feels like he is looking foolish in front of you.