Time To Boost Immunity: Know Everything You Need To Know About Immunity

by Shatakshi Gupta

The term immunity becomes one of the most searched terms during this pandemic.  Everyone wants to know about immunity and how one can increase it. So in this light, we will discuss about immunity today.

What is immunity?

Many types of viruses and bacteria attack the human body. Some are beneficial for the body, some are harmful. Immunity developed by the body is the power to fight these microorganisms inside the body. Immunity differs from people to people. Children have more immunity than adults. However, it is not that children do not get an infection.

What is the way to check one immunity?

There are different tests to determine immunity against different diseases. In the case of Corona, immunity is detected by the IgG antibody test. In general, immunity can be detected by measuring one’s haemoglobin level. The ideal level of haemoglobin for men is 16 and for women, it is 14. If haemoglobin is less than 14 in men and less than 12 in women, then it can be assumed that the immunity of such a person is weak.

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How one can boost his/her immunity?

Some supplements can increase immunity in a few days. However, the artificial way of increasing immunity is not a very permanent solution. The best way to boost immunity is to rely on healthy food and fruits.

To increase immunity, consumption of millet, gram and moong, lentils, green vegetables and milk is more effective. To increase immunity fruits like banana and citrus fruits like oranges, pineapples etc. should be consumed. Lemon juice is also good if taken with hot water. Garlic is also effective in increasing immunity. Dry fruits like almonds, dry grapes, and date palms can also boost immunity to a great extent.

Besides, there are some products available in the market that are good as a food supplement and boost immunity. But it is advisable to do a little research about the product before buying any such immunity booster.

What are the other things that determine immunity?

Immunity will not be improved only by food and supplements. Positive thinking, regular exercise and sound sleep of 7-8 hours is also very essential for good immunity.

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In these times, people with low immunity need to be extra careful

Special care should be taken by a person whose immunity is weak. Those people who have a serious illness such as cancer, diabetes or other immunodeficiency disease should take special care.

It is for this reason, the health organisations have been advising elderly people notto step out of the house. For the same reason, when the vaccine came, all the elderly people with severe illness were vaccinated first.

 This time is extremely dangerous for people suffering from immunity deficiency. However, genetic diseases such as common variable immunodeficiency (CVID) or lymphocytosis occur in a small number of people.  These diseases are different from HIV infection. HIV infection is also a type of immunodeficiency disorder.  Patients with diabetes or cancer also have immune deficiency problems.

 A weak body cannot fight the virus inside the body, due to which the virus multiplies in the body. The condition becomes serious if an infection occurs in such persons.

It is advisable for such people to wear a mask and strictly adhere to social distancing norm. Besides, such people should take the vaccine as soon as possible.