Winter Care: You Must Include These Foods In Your Diet To Keep Cold Away From You

by Shatakshi Gupta

The winter is already here. In few days, the mercury will fall much below that you will also feel chills. In such a situation, apart from warm clothes, the thing to take care of most is health. In this season people with weak immunity fall ill very frequently. They usually face many infections such as cold, cough due to cold in this season. In such a situation, the diet should include such things which keep the body warm. There are many things which can cater this need and keep your body warm. Here are 5 foods which you should include in your diet in winter to avoid illness.  


Consuming gum during the winter is very beneficial for health. This will give instant energy to the body. Besides, gum will also strengthen your bones. So during the winter season, you can make Gondh balls( Laddus) at home.  Eat these laddus daily. This will keep your body warm from inside and protect you from illness and infections.


 As the winter season approaches, peanuts are visible everywhere in the market. Peanuts contain many nutrients including protein that keep the body healthy. Peanuts also keep the body warm. Moreover, peanuts are beneficial for diabetes and heart patients. 

Sesame seeds

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Consuming sesame seeds is also beneficial in winter.  Sesame contains vitamin E and fatty acids which protects the body from diseases. During Winter one should consume vitamin-E in adequate amount. So, in winter, add sesame seeds to your diet. 


The millet is warm. In the winter season, you should make and eat millet in either form. This will protect your body from cold and it complementary strengthen your muscles too.

Fruits and vegetables

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Seasonal fruits and vegetables should be consumed in winter.  Such as carrots, peas, soya, fenugreek, etc.  All these foods keep the body strong and away from disease.