World Vegetarian Day: Know What Vegetarian Food Will Give You The Same Nutrients As Non-Vegetarian Food

by Shatakshi Gupta

There is a prevalent opinion among people that only those who are dependent on a vegetarian diet, i.e., remain devoid of all the nutrients. Whereas, this is not the actual case. There are certain vegetarian foods that are full nutrients and taste, some of these foods give a taste as well as the feel of non-veg.

Jackfruit and Mushroom

 If you want to take the non-food food experience, here are two vegetarian foods which give you a similar taste of non-veg, these two are Jackfruit and Mushroom. Both these are as delicious in eating, they are also full of qualities in terms of nutritio n.

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Dairy products can compensate

 Most people who criticize the vegetarian diet argue that the body does not get vitamin-B12 from vegetarian food. Due to which diseases related to the nervous system occur and there will be less blood in the body. In addition, vitamin B12 plays an important role in the formation of new cells in the body.  Deficiency of B-12 in the body causes an interruption in the formation of new cells, which leads to weakening of the body.

 But, you don’t need to worry because dairy products are the excellent sources of vitamin-B12 in the vegetarian diet.  These dairy products provide nutrition by removing all the deficiencies in your body.  People who are allergic to milk or dairy products, they can compensate it by consuming dry fruits and raw green vegetables.

There are also enough options available to overcome deficiencies of zinc, iron, calcium in vegetarian diets.  You can get all the nutrients by consuming almonds, walnuts, whole grains like gram, Rajma, whole moong, cowpea, green leafy vegetables and seasonal fruits.