Relying Too Much On ‘Kadha’? Beware, If You Are Consuming It In A Wrong Manner

by Shatakshi Gupta

Ever since this new Pandemic emerged out, every person is adopting different ways to keep himself healthy. People are trying to boost their immunity. The most common of these methods is the consumption of ‘Kadha’. People have started drinking Kadha three to four times a day to strengthen their immunity. However, in Ayurveda too, there are many benefits of drinking Kadha, but people are doing this treatment on their own free will. But, do you know that excessive consumption of Kadha can also detrimental to your health?

 Excessive consumption of anything is harmful and the same thing applies to Kadha also.  Too much boiling the Kadha or drinking it in excessive quantity can cause problems like urine infection, dryness of skin, acne, acidity, and mouth blisters.  If you want to maximise the benefit of the Kadha, then drink it in the right quantity and a correct manner. Here are some tips to keep in mind to prevent yourself from ill-effects of Kadha.

Consume the right amount

Many people drink kadha three times a day, if you are among those, change this habit.  Do not consume more than half a cup of kadha in a day. During the winter season, you can drink it twice a day.

Do not over-boil the Kadha

Boiling the spices in kadha for longer duration does not have much effect. Rather, it causes bitterness in kadha, which after consuming starts burning and acidity in the stomach. Boiling the spices for a few minutes is enough.

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Balance the hot spices

All the spices in the kadha are hot, so mix some cold spices in them.  Spices like liquorice, cardamom and rose leaves will do the job. These spices will relieve stomach problems. Along with this, keep consuming some cooler items. Drinking kadha produces heat in the body, which can cause acne and skin dryness.  To avoid all these troubles, eat cold eatables such as oranges.

Keep yourself hydrated

People who drink kadha daily should keep their body hydrated.  One can drink water and coconut water by adding mint leaves to keep the stomach cool.

 No need to consume daily

It may be harmful to drink kadha daily. The better way is that you can drink it continuously for three weeks and then take a break of two weeks.  This will not stress your stomach and body too much.