COVID in world! Many countries are going through peak of new wave; World is far from the end of the pandemic

by Shatakshi Gupta

The world is not yet free from the clutch of pandemic. The coronavirus is remerging in many parts of the world in the guise of new variants. Now, a huge surge is being observed in China, South Korea, Brazil and Germany. A sub-variant of Omicron BA.2 is believed to be the cause behind the rapidly increasing cases of corona. The increase in the cases of COVID-19 in the world is believed to be a sign of the fourth wave.

Worst hit countries:

 A provision has been made for the lockdown in China to prevent the corona spread. In China, more than 30 million people are forced to live in lockdown. The situation is somewhat similar in Brazil, Europe and some East Asian countries.

Corona is at peak in Scotland and Wales, while COVID cases in England are close to record levels. According to official figures, around 4.2 million people were infected in the UK last week.  Around 4.26 million people were infected last week across the UK, down from the 4.3 million positive cases detected in the first week of January 2022. The number of people hospitalized in England and Wales is also increasing. However, the number of people in the High Dependency Unit is still low. Hospitals in Scotland are currently treating 2,326 patients, a new record. So far 164,454 people have died from Corona in Britain.

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At the same time, a record 2,76,746 new corona cases were registered in Germany on Friday. The situation in South Korea is worst among all. More than 3,35,000 cases were registered yesterday. Cases of corona have started increasing in other European countries including Italy and France. France registered more than 1,30,000 fresh cases yesterday.

The uncontrollable pace of Corona in Hong Kong has made the situation worst. Hong Kong has become the second largest hotspot in the world after South Korea. Here the number of infected has crossed 10 lakhs, out of which 7 lakh cases were reported this month itself. The concerning part is the rapidly increasing number of deaths. The situation has become such that the coffins for the cremations are falling short in the country. The dead bodies have to be kept in refrigerator shipping containers. The cremation grounds are open 24 hours. Authorities have placed 50 containers in the parking deck to hold 2,300 bodies.

End of Pandemic is not near:

The World Health Organization (WHO) has said that the up-ticking corona cases in many countries of the world that is only a precursor of a bigger wave. The Apex health agency has further warned that the corona pandemic is neither over yet nor has it become like a seasonal disease. In such a situation, the threat of a new wave remains.

 Vaccines are the strongest armor:

Although the cases are increasing again, the death rate and the number of critical patients is very low compared to previous waves. In many countries, most of the population is vaccinated with two or three doses which have proved a great barrier against the deadly virus.

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