Famous Rapper Badshah Confessed That He Paid 72 Lakhs For Fake Views On YouTube; Mika Singh Took Jibe On This

by Shatakshi Gupta

Some time back Singer Bhoomi Trivedi complained that someone has created an Instagram profile in her name and is using it inappropriately and above that the fake account had some celebrity followers as well. Since then Mumbai Police has been investigating the matter of buying followers on social media by giving fake followers and money, and it was revealed that an international racket that sells views, followers and likes on social media with money. 

During the investigation, a fact came out that famous Rapper and singer Badshah had bought fake views. It is said that there are also a large number of those who like Badshah’s songs are fake and paid accounts.  Badshah has been accused of taking fake views and likes for his music video, for which he spent Rs. 72 lakh and got 7.2 crore views in lieu of money.  Mumbai Crime Branch is investigating the case. 

In the case, the rapper Badshah was interrogated by the police, in which Badshah had earlier said on allegations that he has not done anything wrong. According to reports, the police claimed that the Badshah was questioned for several hours.

 Ensuing hours of interrogation, Badshah confessed that he had bought the views.  He admitted in his confession that he bought 7.2 million views for 72 lakh rupees.  He did this so that he could set the world record for the highest number of views found on YouTube within 24 hours. 

In his music video ‘ Ladki Pagal hai’, he attracted 75million views in one day.  In which he defeated Taylor Swift and Korean boy band BTS.  But later, this claim was rejected by Google.

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Taking a jibe on this incident Singer Mika Singh, shared some of his photos on Instagram and wrote, “I heard that many actors and singers buy fake views and many followers on YouTube and Instagram.  I am so stupid that I bought more than fifty houses and invest only in properties and give ten per cent of my earnings in charity.  I should have also bought views and followers, I would have records too.”