These Drinks Will Compensate For Water And Reduce Fatigue

by Shatakshi Gupta

In winter, due to low temperatures people drink less water, but if you too are among such people then you must know its disadvantages. People who drink less water face symptoms like fatigue, dizziness, increased dryness in the skin and yellowing of urine.

 If you are also experiencing these symptoms in winter, then you need to drink 8 to 10 glasses of water daily. If you do not like to drink water too much, then here are some alternatives. Water deficiency in the body can also be overcome with vegetable soup, smoothies and herbal teas.

Why it is important to drink water in winter?

 Skin glow increases: When there is lack of water in body, the moisture of the skin starts to wane and dryness increases.  Therefore, drink 8 to 10 glasses of water daily.

 Will not get constipated: Often people eat coarse grains and drink less water during this season. As a result, the problem of constipation increases, so you should drink plenty of water.

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 The risk of diseases will be less: Water flushes out toxic substances from the body and in this way reduces the risk of diseases.

 These 4 things will increase  immunity and will reduce water scarcity in body.

Vegetable Soup

Vegetable soup increases the ability of body to fight diseases. In winter people like to eat and drink warm things. In such case, one of the best option is vegetable soup. For this, tomatoes, ginger, carrots, garlic and cabbage can be used as ingredients for the soup.  Small pieces of cottage cheese can also be added to it. Use a limited amount of black pepper and cinnamon powder while making the soup. The soup benefits in many ways, it will fulfill the nutritional deficiency in body.  Besides, there will be no shortage of water and will increase the immunity of the body.

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Ginger-lemon tea

One should drink water in winter  as much water as in summer. If you do not feel like drinking water, then mix lemon, basil and ginger in it. Now ,heat the water mixture.

This Ginger water is great substitute for tea and water.  Take a glass of water and boil it to prepare it. While boiling add the ginger in water.  After boiling for 10 minutes, sieve it and squeeze a lemon in it.

Green tea

 You can have green tea twice a day.  It makes the skin brighter reduces water scarcity and also helps to protect against cancer. It also helps in reducing the body fat. But always keep in mind that green tea should not be consumed more than two cups a day.


 To make vegetable smoothies, grind vegetables like carrot, cucumber, beetroot, tomato in a grinder. You can drink salt and lemon in it. Keep in mind that it is not filtered or else the fibre content gets removed. These smoothies cater many nutritional deficiencies and also prevent constipation.