Make Your Skin Glow By Applying This 100% Natural Scrub; Know, Why Scrubbing Your Face Is Important?

by Shatakshi Gupta

Did you know? that about 40 thousand cells of our body die every day.  If these dead cells are not removed, they do not let the newly formed cells breathe and the skin looks cumbersome and lifeless. Rice powder can help you a lot in getting rid of this problem, but before knowing what will help? It is important to know why scrubbing is essential?

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 Why do skin cells die?

Though human body looks simple the outside, but it is very complex from inside. Every process inside the body has a far-reaching effect. Food is digested inside the body and then juice is formed.  This is followed by absorption of the juice and during this time some harmful free radicals are also formed. These free radicals damage the inner cells of the skin.

Dying and loss of the outer cells of the skin

Every 30 days, the body changes its skin completely, that is, its skin becomes completely new.  However, this does not happen that the skin of the whole body changes simultaneously. Rather, the process of changing it goes on continuously.

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This way the body keeps itself clean and also releases many types of toxins. Cells in most parts of the body die and get removed during daily activities. For example, the cells of the hands, feet and back get removed while wearing clothes and bathing.

We need to put efforts for these parts

To remove dead cells from the face and neck, a little extra effort is required.  Because the skin here is more flexible and softer than other body parts of the body.  If you do not take care of these parts then your skin will look dull.  Because the face and neck are always in direct contact with the environment, so you need to take extra care of these parts.

 Make scrub of rice powder

Rice powder will help you in removing dead cells from your face and neck. Calcium and vitamin-D are found in limited quantities in rice, but it has abundance of fibre in it.  In addition, elements like iron and thiamine are also found.  Therefore, just as eating rice gives you nutrition, in the same way, the powder of rice also helps in cleansing the face.

How to make your scrub?

 To make rice powder scrub, you take 4 to 5 teaspoons of rice and grind them coarsely. Now add the same amount of milk to the powder and make a thick paste.  Now use this mixture on your face like a scrubber. Apply it on face as well as neck and use it for 3 to 4 minutes while rubbing in circular motion with light hands.

How to remove this scrub?

 In winter season, if you want to avoid using water, then wet the cotton cloth and squeeze it and clean your skin with it.  After this use a moisturizer on the face.  Use this scrubber only 3 times a week and see the difference yourself.

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