Pollution Damage: Here Is How To Prevent The Ageing Of Skin From Pollution

by Shatakshi Gupta

 Everybody wants healthy and glowing skin, but rapidly increasing air pollution affects the skin very badly.  Due to which many skin related diseases start happening.  Actually, due to air pollution, there is not only trouble in breathing, but also the skin becomes dry and the pores get blocked. This reduces the moisture in the skin and causes many problems including redness, rosacea and eczema. 

Exposure to air pollution causes great damage to the skin and due to this, fine lines, wrinkles and spots start occurring prematurely.  Not only this, but there are also dark spots on the face.  Here are some tips which will help you in protecting your skin from air pollution. 

Stay Hydrated

Hydrate the body to protect the skin from the effects of air pollution. For this, you can take detox water, amla or basil leaf water.  Essential fluids are found in this liquid, which helps in flushing out the toxins accumulated in the body. 

Scrub daily

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 To keep the skin healthy, one must scrub 10 seconds daily.  This removes the bad effects of air pollution on the skin.  You can prepare scrub paste at home itself. For this, grind the walnuts and add sugar and a few drops of olive oil to it.  Rub this paste on the face for 10 seconds and wash it with cold water. This cleans the dirt on the skin and reduces the effect of air pollution.

Apply face pack

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Facepack must be applied on the face to protect the skin from the ill-effects of air pollution. Take a piece of raw papaya and rub it on your face for 20 seconds.  It contains a natural enzyme which removes the blackness of the face.  The chocolate face pack is also very beneficial to remove the harmful effects of pollution. It contains antioxidants which deeply nourish the skin and keep it healthy. 

Take a bath with lukewarm water

Massage your face and body well with almonds, lavender or coconut oil once or twice a week to protect the skin from the effects of pollution.  After this, take a bath with lukewarm water.  This removes the dirt accumulated inside the skin and gives a natural glow.

Apply sunscreen

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Apply sunscreen on your skin before leaving the house. It protects the skin from smog particles and harmful chemicals.  Not only this, but sunscreen also prevents the skin from getting damaged by ultraviolet rays.

Moisturize the skin

The skin becomes dry and lifeless due to pollution.  The moisturizer provides nourishment and moisture to the skin.  Apply cocoa butter paste twice a week to keep the skin healthy.  Apart from this, olive oil can also be used.  It contains vitamin E and antioxidants that repair the skin.  Regular skincare should be taken to reduce the effect of air pollution.