Peer pressure turns to beer pressure, know how!

by Madhvi Bansal
Beer pressure

Making friends is good but sometimes trying to get with a group can become sour for you. You may feel the pressures from your peers in a group to do certain things in which you may are not interested or that can make you feel ashamed, regret or guilty. Generally, among the growing kids or adults, peer pressure is for using drugs, drink alcohol, going for hook-ups or change your looks. Sometimes the influence of the peers is so strong that you may find yourself abnormal as everybody else is doing something, like drinking beer, very normally.  

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Drinking in social situation

Not all the peer pressure is bad, sometimes they are positive also. You may be influenced to go choose healthier habits, quit drinking and smoking.  But generally, peer pressure turns into beer pressure. Anyone who has never drunk or wants to quit drinking, sooner or later, is encouraged by the peers to drink. They often make you feel that they are unhappy when you don’t. In peer pressure, people often start drinking gradually just to make their peers happy.

Direct or indirect peer pressure

Peer pressure can be direct or indirect. Direct peer pressure includes direct offering of the drinks to someone who doesn’t drink or want to abstain from drinking.  Indirect peer pressure is ostracizing and social isolating of the person from your group who decides not to drink. This also enables the person to feel the peer pressure due to the fear of isolation from the group or staying alone. Hence, in such peer pressure, the person starts drinking beer or alcohol gradually.

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Peer pressure is now online

As the technology has advanced, the level of peer pressure too has raised. From feeling the pressure from your peer groups who hang out with you, peer pressure comes online. Now, people are forced to get involved in drinking beer or alcohol or smoking when they see their friends posting their photos on social media about drinking, smoking, having sex or doing other things which include risks or adventures. Many videos uploaded on YouTube and other social media websites also glorify certain behaviour and make them feel that those things are normal and expected from you as well.  Thus, people start drinking and doing other things which according to them can help in gaining their social presence more strongly.