What To Do If Your Partner Ignores You? These 7 Tips Will Help You In Dealing Such Situation

by Shatakshi Gupta

Relationship are easy to build but much more difficult to maintain. Each relationship goes through up and downs, of which few sail through the sea of difficulty. It often happens in a relationship that your partner starts ignoring you. Here are some tips, which you can follow if your partner ignores  you.

 Become a puzzle

 You must have solved a puzzle. To solve it one must do the calculation.  Similarly, you will also have to become a puzzle to get back your importance. Do not become ‘ all time available’. First understand your value yourself and also let your partner understand it too. Whenever your partner calls or text you, do not be ready to answer. Let your partner wait. See how much discomfort it causes to your partner.

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Whenever your partner ask your to meet or go for a walk in his/her free time, then tell him/ her that you too are busy with your work. These vagaries will lead him/her to introspect. This will help you in gaining the importance again.

 Be Confident

 Show your partner that you are a strong and confident person. Tell him/her clearly what you want and when you want it, but do not misunderstand confidence as arrogance. People always want to dominate, but they also like their partner, who know when to control.

 Be in touch with his/her family and friends

 If your are not talking to your partner, then too do not stop associating with his/her parents and friends. Keep your good relationship with them. In this manner, your partner will hear and know about you through his friends and family. No matter how many distances between you both. No matter how long you have not taken time for each other, but it will definitely affect that people who is special life also like you very much and you also take care of them.

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 Stop Nagging

 You often do nitpicking on your partner. Arguments like ‘ You didn’t do this’  ‘You don’t do this’ ‘You don’t understand that’, lead to increase rift in a relationship.  You can’t deny that even if someone starts finding your fault on everything, you also will feel irritated. Therefore, adopt the formula of no nagging.  Do not make yourself a all time complaining partner.

 Let the silence speak

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 If your partner really values ​​you, then your revenge silent behavior will definitely bother him/her.   You do not have to say about this. Treat your partner well, do not fight, do not complain, do not shout and do not show tears.  Let the other person think about what is bothering you. Let your silence talk. It is important to make him feel that there is something that is bothering you.

 Admire your partner

 Laugh and be happy praise your partner’s sense of humor. Be interested in what he/she does.  This will create a never-ending connection between you and your partner. In this way, your partner will come to your whenever you need him/her.

 Enjoy the free time

When everything goes well in a relationship, people often ignore other things in life and give whole time to each other. If your partner ignores you for some reasonable reason, do not feel bad.

Why not use this time to do the other tasks that you were avoiding for a long time?  Delete old mail. Read the book. Go shopping with your friends. Go to the parlor. Take a spa. Hangout with School Friends. With this you will also be able to keep yourself busy. Doing these things will shift your focus from only one thing.