These Are The Signs Which Tell That Your Partner Is Controlling You

by Shatakshi Gupta

The relationship of love is very special and precious.  When you are in love, its feeling is very special and different.  But sometimes this relationship hurts you in many ways and you don’t even know. A relationship can become successful and prosperous only when both partners take care of each other’s happiness.

But many times this does not happen because some partners get overshadowed in the relationship. Sometimes this desire to keep your partner happy makes the other partner a puppet of hands and they do not even know about it.  In such a situation, the submissive partner only does what his/her partner likes, if you think that this relationship is very successful, then you are wrong because it is a kind of toxic relationship that bothers you in a long run.  Here are some signs which can tell you whether you are controlled indirectly by your partner or not.

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Criticising you every time

If your partner criticize you all the time, then it is not a good sign, although it is not wrong every time, it is also right for you at times.  But if he/she criticizes every small and big thing then it is not right.  If he/she criticizes or expresses his objection to your every action or decision taken, then this is not right for your relationship.  In such a situation, you should consider your relationship so that both of you stay in a healthy relationship.

Problems with your friends


 Usually, it is the problem of almost every couple that they get into fights because of their friends.  But if you are in a relationship, then obviously you have to take care of many things of each other, whether it is family or friends.  If your partner does not like you to hang out and party with your friends then it is wrong, if he/she stops you to meeting your friends then it is not right.  Maybe they try to separate you and your friends either emotionally or by threatening.

Spying on you

Nowadays people upload everything on social media so that they can share moments with their close ones.  But if your partner questions every post and keeps an eye on your phone then it is wrong.  If they monitor your phone without your knowledge and check your social media accounts. It is a sign of lack of trust in you, which ultimately is not healthy for a relationship.

 Keeping a scorecard

Some partners always keep tally of every last deed in your relationship, whether to have an argument, doing a favour etc.. By this, they get the upper hand and try to impose themselves on you.

Making you feel unworthy

Some partners make you feel that you are not worthy of them. They subtly make you feel lesser attractive than they are or by constantly bragging about their professional accomplishments as compared to yours, sometimes this could be done by comparing you unfavourably to their exes. They try to make you feel how grateful are in a relationship with them.