Has Mirror Dress Made a Comeback?

by Madhvi Bansal

Mirror work ‘Sheesha’ or ‘Aabhla Bharat Kaam’ as it is called. These names are popular in various parts of India. Mirror work is an embroidery, traditional work wherein small mirror pieces or you may also call them as Aabhla are sewn onto fabric, couch within a framework of decorative thread work stitches. Mirror work was largely used in Iranian architecture, for example, Golestan palace’s mirror hall (Tala-e-ainah) or Isfahan chehel- sotoun palace. Used handicrafts and embroidery.

During the Mughal period, this art found its way to India through craftsmen traveling to India.

Mirror work dresses seem to be in fashion once again, though the mirror work is more popular in Rajasthan and if you visit Jaipur the Pink City, there you find many shops in the market place exhibiting mirror work dresses. Mirror work articles are also sold such as bright jholis or potlis and many more things. Even top dress designers have been working on mirror work designs. Recently Malaika Arora looked fabulous in her mirror work dress that she wore on her birthday.

Mirror work is not considered as ethnic fashion wear, but now top models and actresses have also accepted the mirror work dresses for their important occasions.

Mirror 1

Mirror work is a classic trend and is popular with all age groups. It was trendy in the ’90s but recently some of the biggest weddings where Bollywood wanted to step out in their best traditional outfits, chose to wear dresses of mirror work. Celebrities made a dazzling appearance in the age-old classy mirror work dresses, lehengas, and other attires.

Chicken fabric and mirror work dresses have made a comeback. Even the white fabric having chicken work and mirror work is died in bright colors, according to the need of the customer. If you feel a bit dull with your usual style, then you can add some sparkle to your style by making the right choice. One can make the dresses bright and bling by using mirror work. Mirror work dresses are making their way into the fashion arena as well.

You can flaunt mirror work dresses on special occasions, ghagra, cholis, skirts, dupattas with mirror work are quite popular. Although the mirror works articles had been a trend in the past again, they can be seen in the latest trend in fashion. Some of the popular designers whose work is associated with Bollywood are of the view that mirror work has been around since times immemorial and is here to stay for a long time. Mirror work has inspired people in different art forms, Indians; as well as international designers are using mirror work in their collection.

Shimmery dresses and blingy work are popular with celebs and mirror work is most popular for such designer dresses. Designers are using a contemporary form of this mirror art on contemporary dresses. Mirror work or sheesha embroidery has become eye-catching.

London based designers are making big business through mirror work. Mirror work was intrigued with Kutch embroidery, this 17th-century handicraft is accepted by international designers also. From the hands of embroiders of Rajasthan and Gujarat to the ramps of London fashion week, the craft took a long way to finally be available for the designers. But that route is nothing if you compare it to the route it has traversed in the 13th century since its inception in Iran.