Getting Married? Every Couple Should Take These Medical Test Before Tying The Knot

by Shatakshi Gupta

There was a time when the bride and the groom were not allowed to meet and the marriage was only fixed matching the horoscope only. But now time has changed a lot. Now boys and girls have started to start meeting their partners before marriage and to understand. At the same time these days, there is another trend which is called pre-marital screening. The purpose of doing this test is to take care of the boy and the girl’s future health. It turns out that with whom the boy or girl is going to spend a whole life, there is no problem related to health.

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The idea behind this Pre-marital screening is very genuine and every couple must take this test, this not only ensures their health but it also ensures the health of their future progeny. In this article, we will tell you what test you should take before the marriage.

Infertility Test – These tests are designed to tell about the number and health of sperms and the eggs. Since there are no clear symptoms of infertility, it is very important to get these tests to plan a child in future. Before marriage, the groom should undergo a semen analysis.  Chemical tests of semen and sperm are done by this test.  The pH, fructose levels of the seminal fluid are detected by chemical analysis.

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Blood Group Test – This is certainly an important test. If your blood group is not favourable for each other, it can cause complications during pregnancy. An RH Factor can be fatal for the child because it is a situation where antibodies in the blood of a pregnant woman destroy the blood cells of his child.

Genetically Transmitted Disease Test – Genetic disorders can be easily transferred from one generation to another generation. From Genetic Transmitted Disease Testing or Genetic Screening, it can be known which disorder will be transmitted in the baby. Like breast cancer, stomach cancer, liver disease and diabetes. If known, their transmission in baby can be prevented.

Sexually Transmitted Disease test – It is very important to test both the companions for sexually transmitted diseases. In sexual infection, HIV / AIDS, Gonorrhoea, Herpes, Syphilis and Hepatitis-C are included. Since some of these situations are threatening to life, so it is necessary to take STD test before marriage.

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Pelvis Sonography- The bride should get her pelvis ultrasound done before marriage. Fibroids, endometriosis, and cervical polyps can be detected by this test.  They cause problems during intercourse and pregnancy.