A Survey Conducted In UK Reveals Which People Have Better Sex Life

by TrendingNews Desk

To improve sex life is something for which most of the people make many changes in their diet.  Some people even go to the doctors for this.  But in a new survey, it has come out that vegetarian people have better sex life than non-veg eaters. 

500 vegetarians (of which 38% identified as a vegan) and 500 meat-eaters were polled by IllicitEncounters.com the UK’s largest extramarital dating site on diet and sexual activities.  The survey revealed that 57 per cent of vegetarian people enjoy sex at least 3-4 times a week, while 49 per cent of non-vegetarians have sex once or twice a week.  Not only this, according to the survey, but vegetarian people also enjoy more erotic talks than non-vegetarians.

In the survey, 84 per cent of vegetarians were satisfied with their sex life while only 59 per cent of non-vegetarians were happy with their partners.  The results of the survey showed that vegetarian people eat more things which are known for their aphrodisiac properties, which increase sexual desire such as fenugreek leaves, fennel and ginseng.  Therefore, they have more sexual excitement. In addition, there are many vegetables that naturally increase sexual desire.  Green and leafy vegetables contain plenty of vitamin C, polyphenol and beta carotene.  All these things increase the sex drive.

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Apart from green vegetables, root vegetables such as sweet potato, carrot and avocado are rich in vitamin A.  Vitamin A also improves sex drive with increasing sex hormone testosterone.

However, according to some earlier research, vegetarian people have to face some difficulties in sex life.  As the problem of irregular periods is often found in vegetarian women, lesser number of testosterone, which also reduces their sexual desire.  In the vegetarian diet, zinc is not found, this lack reduces sex drive.

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On the other hand, one thing that comes out from the results of this survey of the website is that if you are a non-vegetarian then you should increase your diet to increase sex drive.  There is no need to make any kind of change in lifestyle.  Rather, you should also include more plant-based food in your diet. Also, do not eat non-veg at least once a week.  This will keep your health balanced and gradually the sex drive will also improve.