10 Effective Ways to Strengthen Father Son Relationship

by Madhvi Bansal

Every relationship has to be valued and the father-son relationship is no exception. The tricky part here with the father-son relationship is that it does change based on age. So, adapting to the change is the key to build a relationship that lasts. No matter who initiates to strengthen the relationship, the other should show some respect and it is mutual. But according to a few studies, the male tendency in both father and son makes it difficult to create a bond. Here in this article, we are about to see what affects the relationship and 10 effective ways to strengthen the father-son relationship.

What exactly makes things worse for the father-son relationship?

Rather than just finding ways to strengthen, it is important to identify factors that make it worse or the root-cause for the distance that increases. In the following ways directly or indirectly a father-son relationship takes it shape:

  • Kid when grow-up to become a boy, he idolizes his father to be a hero. But after a certain age, the boy tends to change his views and stops idolizing because of various reasons.


  • Dealing with a teenage boy can be tricky as it can go either way. Sometimes, they take advice from the father seriously and concentrate on what needs to be done. This is not always the case as father-son can also develop a difference in opinions creating a rift.


  • In adolescence, this initial rift after a while can turn into a cold-war kind of competition between a father and son. Identifying such a situation at the earliest can help to stop it from growing further.


  • When a boy becomes a man and reaches his early 30’s, he will start to understand things and the rift slowly starts to fade away. This is where a father-son relationship can build naturally in a subtle way.
10 effective ways to strengthen the father-son relationship

Building a bond and maintaining it is a life long journey. Understanding it from the other’s point of view can help build a bond. Usually, mothers will find it easier to strike the balance in managing a relationship. Here are some tips that can be useful to strengthen the father-son relationship.

  1. Identify common interests


It is obvious that most of the habits that you see in a kid are picked from the father. It can help them to find a job or career in the later part of a kid’s life. But when it comes to interests and hobbies, it can vary by a mile. A father should identify what interests his son and try to adapt it to build a bond. This is crucial as when the boy finds out they have common interests, he will naturally bond as they can spend more time together on it.

  1. Spend time-based on common interests


After finding what interests both equally, it is important to nurture it by making plans to spend quality time. For example, if father and son both love to watch basketball and support a regional team, you should plan and do it often. Make it a habit to watch together and also let your son invite his friends to watch along. Being cool and nice around his friends can help bond easily over time.

  1. Gain trust


Gaining trust is one important factor to make any relationship last longer. As a father, you should let your son tell anything that happens with his life. It can be anything from discussing his relationship, issues with his studies or even doubts related to sex education and more. Once the son starts to feel comfortable sharing things, the bond will strengthen eventually.

  1. Motivate as an example


A boy learns a lot from his father as he gets maximum exposure through him. Even if a father doesn’t influence directly, the son is going to pick a lot of things. This is why a father needs to be careful in what he does and how he behaves in different situations. If you are a father who is truly motivated with high moral values, the kid will eventually get influenced in the right way. This is a certain way helps to mend the father-son relationship.

  1. Give enough privacy


A boy when he becomes a teen will go through a lot psychologically. Sometimes, it can be related to teen relationships or even more. At such times, rather than forcing a son to explain what happened, giving enough privacy can help. Also, always being watchful in whatever a boy or teen does, can lead to trust issues. So, it is important to give that much-needed privacy.

  1. Plan for adventure and fun activities


Kids in general love fun activities like water games in an amusement park or visiting a zoo or even fun-filled long-trips. When a father can able to make the son participate in what they do, the bond will start to build naturally. Go-carting, hiking and even skateboarding together can be adventurous for the kids and gives enough time to spend together.

  1. Appreciate with rewards


It is a human tendency to except appreciation when they achieve. As a father always make sure to appreciate his achievements no matter how big or small it is. It will certainly create a positive impression and help to strengthen bonds.

  1. Help your son with problems


If your son is facing that is manageable, let him face on its own as it can give him confidence. But if he does not have an answer for an issue, try talking with him and arrive at a solution. Instead of blaming him, point out the mistakes with care and make sure he comes out of it.

  1. Identify his true potential


Even a boy or teens will have their own strengths and weaknesses. If you find your son is good at math, let him know that he is good and appreciate rewards. Also, motivate him to take it seriously and achieve for the future.

  1. One on one conversation is must


One on one conversation is something that can help your son understand you better. It is better to casual and friendly rather than being a mentor. Go for a short bike ride with your son and let him express what he has to say. When you listen and acknowledge, it will certainly help you to mend the relationship.