Why Children Should Spend Time With Their Grandparents?

by Shatakshi Gupta

In earlier times, most people lived with their parents, giving children pampering grandparents.  But in today’s world people have started living apart from their parents due to work or many other reasons.

 Moments spent with grandparents are very joyful and memorable for both children and grandparents.  When the child meets his grandparents, he filled with happiness and excitement, similarly, grandparents get a different kind of happiness.

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Spending time together is beneficial for both the Children as well as Grandparents.  Over time, the problem of memory loss in the elderly begins.  According to a study in Australia, people who spend time with their grandkids at least once a week have a stronger memory, because they remember the questions asked by the children during their time together. The risk of Alzheimer’s decreases in the elderly.  At the same time, according to other research, people who spend happy moments with grandchildren, live longer and healthier lives than the elderly living alone.

 In today’s time, both parents of a child are working, in such a scenario child feels lonely, so he may face stress.  Depression is becoming more common among children living alone today, but children who spend time with their grandparents have fewer depression problems.

 Children who spend time with their grandparents are stronger emotionally.  Such children are full of confidence.  A child spending time with grandparents is more intelligent than other children.  The behaviour of such children is also found good in society.