20 Lessons That 2020 Taught Us

by Shatakshi Gupta

In this year of crisis, world saw and learned a lot. The year full of upheavals changed many things and gave us some life long lessons. Here are 20 lessons which 2020 taught us.

 Health is wealth

 Corona taught people the importance of a healthy body. It taught us not just physically but  mental fitness too should be priority of the people. Those who considered exercise or yoga as a burden also made fitness a routine.

  Savings are essential

The difficult economic phase once again conveyed the importance of saving to the people. Those who were already in the habit of saving, faced much less problems in this period. Those who did not have this habit definitely got a lesson.

Sharing is caring

The number of donations increased during the pandemic. The billionaires openly funded the research and treatment. This time of crisis was also the best period of mutual cooperation.

 Like food like body and mind

 Probably for the first time in the Corona, people paid so much attention to their food and drink habits. Immunity became a priority rather than taste in food.  People preferred to eat fresh and healthy food at home.

There is no age to learn

 Everyone definitely learned something this year. Children learned to study online, then teachers learned to teach online.  Many people made digital payments for the first time.

 Crisis also brings opportunities

 Corona created a crisis for many industries, creating new opportunities for many other industries. Cinema halls closed, but OTT platforms were flooded.  If the restaurants closed, then the food delivery apps started booming.

Heaven is at home

 Millions of people returned to their homes in times of crisis.  Some came back due fear of virus, some due to the unemployment. This displacement created a new debate as to why employment opportunities do not arise near home.

Family time is must

 Perhaps the first time people spent so much time with their families during the lockdown.  When people got a break from the aggressive race of earnings, it was found that time spent with family is the most precious.

 Every problem has a solution

There was a problem for offices and playgrounds during the lockdown. Time taught that every crisis can be solved.  Offices shifted to homes. The games also went online and so many other alternatives appeared during this time.

Superheroes do exist

 In this time of crisis, people saw real superheroes. Be it doctors or health workers or policemen. The way these frontline people worked tirelessly was more than any superhero.

Follow along and get the solution soon

 Earlier, the vaccine of any disease was not made so soon.  The reason was – all the countries and institutes involved in research shared the information. Walking in crisis soon found a solution.

 Religion is within

 The doors of the religious places were closed in the lockdown, but people understood that God resides in the mind.  People worshiped god at home during this time.

Beware of fake information

 Whether Corona figures or the China border dispute, this year taught us that correct information is very important. We were troubled all year by viral lies on social media.

 Every job is important

 Previously, sweepers used to come and go in the neighbourhoods, no one knew them. Whereas now Corona explained the importance of cleaning, people admired these workers so much during this pandemic.

 Many a little makes mickle

The economy collapsed in lockdown. GDP growth turned negative. But, once the business resumed, small steps taken accelerated the economic recovery. These small moves are helping in reviving the economy again.

 Hygiene must be kept

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 In childhood, we learned that God lives in cleanliness. Corona showed us that hygiene is important for us. Cleanliness became our need in this difficult time and now it has become a habit.

 Abstinence is the greatest strength

Corona increased people’s restraint and self discipline. Whether it is the restraint of social distancing or the mask. This became the biggest strength of the people in fighting the pandemic. The one who followed this restrain won.

Crisis does not discriminate

 Coronavirus catapulted many heads of state from Britain to Prince Charles. Many big names contracted the virus during this period. The pandemic erased the distinction between rich and poor.

 Mental strength can do magic

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 Any disease beats the mind before its body. Among those who defeated the corona, remained mentally strong. Mental strength made us fight with the repercussions of this pandemic.

 Life is like a river; unstoppable

 This is the biggest lesson of this time. Many difficulties come in life, but they go with course of time. Though everything is not going well, but life goes on. The sun of hope definitely rises after the dark night.