Year of coronavirus, year of major changes: Year 2020

by Shatakshi Gupta

Year 2020, will definitely be the unforgettable one for all of us, who are now witnessing this. This year, will actually change us and also will change everything around us. This year will rather be a story, which we would definitely forward to our future generations. This year, had become a new chapter in the history of this world. Let’s see what changes we are already viewing and what changes we would see in our lives and in our lifestyles after overcoming this situation of COVID-19.

Touch is the new phobia

The biggest change made by this pandemic is that now people are actually afraid even from touching each other. In Western countries, there had always been a trend of greeting each other with hugs as well as with kisses. But this would no longer be the part of their habits, and this is all because of the coronavirus. Even the handshakes fear for people now. The mankind is now afraid of a touch, and this would be the biggest change for 2020.

Online film festivals and music concerts

As now the public gatherings are prohibited in most of the countries now, due to this fast spreading virus, so people are now looking for the new ways of interacting with one another. These interactions now also have in their list online music concerts as well as film festivals. There were news, that a number of major film festivals would come together and would organize an online event in collaboration with YouTube, this event was even named as “We are one”.

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Friends and family gatherings via Zoom

Gatherings whether it is with your friends or with your families also have a new meaning, as all of these are now happening online via Zoom. Chilling scenes with friends are no more in clubs or pubs but on Zoom.

 Thank you is clapping and ringing bells/utensils now

It was not only India, but also other countries where people came out into their balconies, and thanked the police as well as their health workers by ringing bells or utensils and even by clapping for them, for all the hardships they had been doing, even by risking their own lives, by exposing themselves to this coronavirus.

Even in UK people applauded these frontline workers by clapping for them, standing in their balconies. In India on April 5, everyone switched off their lights and lit candles on their balconies.

Video calls for weddings now

We never wondered about this, till we came across this coronavirus. This digitization has a greater scope, as now even the weddings are taking place via video calling. This exclusive method is again a major change in our lifestyle. Since the marriages were fixed months in advance, some people didn’t want to postpone them at all. 

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Bizarre and strange punishments by the Police


Our police, is so very creative, this talent was exposed only after this corona virus lockdown happened. They came up with so many wonderful as well as funny ideas, of dealing with the violators of this lockdown. Also, for making people more aware of the seriousness with which they should deal with this virus. For instance, Aarti for violators and frog jumps to fear of Yamraj and dancing, police have been punishing people in quirky ways.

Funerals without loved ones

As per the guidelines released by the Ministry of Home Affairs, only upto 20 people are allowed at the funerals of non-coronavirus victims and only five for those who died of Covid-19.

Mob and Spit attacks on doctors and the Police

We have been continuously witnessing the number of attacks which are being done on our frontline workers, both doctors and police; the frequency of these attacks mainly rose after the country was brought under the complete lockdown. Even many people are now using spitting as a tool in order to resist their arrest. Many people who have been caught violating the lockdown rules, have spat on police officers. Many of people who did this have been jailed. 

Online Classrooms

In the light of this coronavirus lockdown, all the schools as well as all the colleges are shut for time being. In such situation, the online classes have gained momentum. There are a number of educational institutions which are teaching online to their students.

Death of two legendary stars in 24 hours during lockdown

Irrfan Khan and Rishi Kapoor’s death left the nation mourning. Only close relatives could attend their funeral. Rishi Kapoor’s daughter who was in Delhi attended his funeral over video call. Days before Irrfan Khan passed away, he attended his mother Saeda Begum’s funeral and last rites through video conferencing as he couldn’t visit her following the lockdown rules.

Masks and gloves as part of lifestyle

Masks and gloves are the latest addition to our lifestyle and also to our clothing. Hence they are essentials now. We aren’t supposed to do anything without them. Following this,Even influences and beauty bloggers are sharing make-up looks wearing masks.

Poor people suffered the most


There are millions of laborers who are facing the worst blow in this lockdown period, they are being hit by maximum of the problems one of it being hunger. Exhausted migrant workers who walked for hundreds of kilometres in order to go home fell asleep on the railway tracks. 16 migrant laborers were killed after a cargo train ran over them. In Uttar Pradesh, six laborers died in a road accident. There are also number of those laborers who actually lost their lives while they were walking back to their homes, hundreds of kilometres.

We all will have to accept the fact that the world would actually never be the same like it was in the pre-coronavirus era. These changes may not be necessarily good or bad, but the society we are living in will be completely different now .