Seeking Positive Energy At Home? Bring These Plants, These Will Give You A Positive Environment

by Shatakshi Gupta

When the lockdown began, people enjoyed themselves for some time when they remained in the house continuously for several days, but after some time people started suffering from depression due to staying in the house for a prolonged time, people’s tolerance began to decrease, some reports even say that due to lockdown domestic violence increased manifolds. People are not finding mental peace and becoming impatient.

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To keep our mental state right, it is very important to maintain peace or to keep ourselves busy in some work, so that our attention is kept and our thinking is also positive. For this, we should first try to distance ourselves from any kind of negative thinking.  We should also make our home environment positive so that our aura gets positive and we get positive energy.  In this case, plants can be one of the most important things to serve this purpose. Today in this article,  we are going to tell you about some such plants which you will give you the positive energy.

 Tulsi Plant 

 In our country, the Tulsi plant is considered revered and is also used as a medicine.  By planting a Tulsi plant at home, happiness and peace are maintained.  Also, this plant is also a source of positive energy.


The scent of Jasmine flower fascinates anyone.  People love its fragrance very much.  In many countries of the world, the plant of Jasmine is considered very sacred and revered.  Jasmine flowers are believed to increase confidence, increase love and friendship and strengthen relationships.  People believe that putting it in the house brings good dreams at night.

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lavender plant flowers in the pot

 Lavender flowers are best known for their seductive fragrance.  This plant makes you feel very relieved when you are around the plant.  Lavender oil and lavender scent candles are used in most spas and parlours, to relieve the client’s fatigue and mental pressure.  Apart from this, it is also effective in treating depression, insomnia and headache.

 Oregano Plant

 Nowadays, oregano is used very much in most of the fast food.  For example, it is used more in pizza, omelette and French fries etc.  It improves the taste of food.  If you add oregano to the pasta, you will see that its fragrance starts to look very nice and fresh.  Not only for food, but people also use it to bring positive energy in their home.  You can also give it to someone as a gift.


 Planting a rosemary plant at home makes one feel pure.  Apart from this, you will observe a reduction in anger, depression and loneliness. Rosemary plant creates peace in your inner being.  People say that this plant should be planted at the main entrance of your house.  Apart from this, you can also use it in your food.


 Lilies are also considered sacred. The flower is a symbol of happiness.  It brings happiness in the home and removes all negative vibes from the house.  Make sure to place the plant of lily in the bedroom of your home, which will make you sleep well at night, and your morning will also be full of happiness.

Money Plant

 Money plant is such a plant, which fits anywhere, you can plant it in your bedroom, balcony, bathroom, drawing room or garden anywhere.  Some people even put it in their kitchen so that it looks green.  This plant produces positive energy in the house and this plant requires very little care.


 By the way, there are different types of roses, but if you want to plant a rose plant in your home, then only native roses should be planted.  The fragrance of rose attracts you.  The rose flower is a symbol of peace, love and positive atmosphere.  This flower brings positive energy into your surroundings.

 Aloe Vera

 Aloe Vera is a plant that is used in medicines as well as beauty products.  This plant does not require much care.  Apart from the above qualities, this plant also removes the negative energy from your house.