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Major Film Festivals Coming Together for YouTube Event

by Shatakshi

As of now, we all are well aware of the pandemic which has already made so many changes in our day to day lives. There are the numbers of events which have already been either postponed or cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic spread across the world. So now the Major Film Festivals like those of Berlin, Toronto, Cannes as well as Venice, have taken a major decision of coming together and thus, organizing an online event for their audiences worldwide.

This event which is also being said as “We are One”, is a Global Film Festival, and this huge event will be hosted by none other than, the most popular YouTube. This event would be commencing from 29 May, 2020.

Now when the entire film industry had already come to a standstill, due to the COVID-19, thus this giant event is being held online. Also, this event is being organized with a purpose of raising funds for the World Health Organization’s (WHO)’s COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund. This event would be a 10 – day digital happening.

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Also, as per the BBC reports, there are twenty more festivals from around the world that would become the part of this event. These festivals include London Film Festival, Mumbai Film Festival, Marrakesh Film Festival, Jerusalem Film Festival, Tribeca Film Festival as well as Sundance Film Festival.

This event is also being organized with the hope that this may actually bring some kind of relief to the audience worldwide. The entire world needs healing as well as reinforcement right now and this event would do its bit. This festival would be a perfect combination of the documentaries, films, shorts, comedy, music and also along with it the conversations. The complete schedule for this 10-day event would be released soon. This entire program would be completely free for all the individuals for streaming and enjoying it.

“We often talk about film’s uniquely powerful role in inspiring and uniting people across borders and differences to help heal the world. All of the world needs healing right now,” said Jane Rosenthal, CEO of Tribeca Enterprises and co-founder of the Tribeca Film Festival. Tribeca Enterprises was actually one amongst those who extended these traditional festivals into the digital sphere.

Already, Cannes Film Festival was postponed the previous month due to this pandemic spread and lockdown. Thus, now they feel proud in coming together with all these other festival partners, also here they will be show casing some amazing, and extraordinary films and also some wonderful talents.

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