Menstrual Care: In A Historic Move, Scotland Becomes World’s 1st Country To Provide Free ‘Period Products’

by Shatakshi Gupta

Scotland has become the first country in the world where menstrual sanitary products have been made free. This historic decision has been taken after a four-year campaign.  While many parts of the world still have many misconceptions and orthodox traditions associated with the Menstrual cycles, Scotland has set an example. 

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The period product (Free Provision) (Scotland) Act was passed in the country.  Under this law, local administration will have to provide ‘period products’ for free. This has to be based on the work already being done by a council like North Ayrshire.  There are already free tampons and sanitary pads in public buildings since 2018.

‘Scottish Labour’ health spokeswoman Monica Lennon, who led the campaign for this, called it a proud day for Scotland.  She has said, ‘It will bring a big change in the lives of women and girls who have periods. Much development has already taken place at the community level and through local administration, everyone will get respect in the period.

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 Becomes mainstream discussion                                                  

 Lennon says that now, as periods are discussed in public life, this is a major change. Until a few years ago, the Holyrood Chamber did not openly talk about the period and now it is mainstream. Charity organizations say the ability to purchase basic sanitary products has fallen during the Coronavirus pandemic.