This Winter Give Keep Yourself Warm With These Healthy And Nutritious Soups

by Shatakshi Gupta

Many of us like the winter for sitting in a quilt during the season. One of the most enjoyable things during winter is having a hot bowl of tasty soup. Drinking soup not only gives us satisfaction but it is also healthy for our body.  The best thing about soup is that it is very easy to prepare.  So if you are looking for a light and quick meals, which also keep you away from the cold in winter, then there is no better option than a bowl of hot soup.

 Soup is a completely customizable meal in which you can choose vegetables as per your choice or it can be prepared by using vegetables with non-veg as well.  As we all start feeling cold, drinking a cup of hot soup in this way will give us a lot of relief. Here are some healthy soups, which you can enjoy during this winter.

 Carrot and Tomato Soup

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 Carrot and tomato soup is very healthy.  You can drink this soup both in winter and summer.  Both carrots and tomatoes contain vitamin A and this soup made from the mixture of these two is very beneficial.  Drinking the soup before eating is good.

Mixed Vegetable Soup

This is a very healthy diabetic meal, which can be taken frequently.  It is prepared from carrots, French beans, tomatoes and peas, apart from these you can also add vegetables as per your choice. This super healthy soup is very easy to make.

Mulligatawny soup

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 Vegetables are commonly used to make soup. In addition to potatoes and carrots, lentils are also added to Mulligatawny soup.  Cumin, coriander and coconut milk are added for the flavour as well as tamarind pulp gives the soup a slightly tangy taste.  You must try this South Indian soup during this winter.

 Spinach Soup

 As we all know that spinach itself is very nutritious, so it is very much understood how nutritious its soup will be?  It is wonderful both in terms of health and taste.  This is a quick ready soup, you can enjoy spinach soup whenever you want in winter.  If you are dieting, then you can have this soup for dinner.

 Carrot Ginger Soup

 This is a very light soup that you can prepare comfortably at home.  The carrot ginger soup is healthy and full of nutrients. In this soup, you will get the taste of vegetable stock, carrot, ginger and fresh thyme leaves. This is a great option for winter.