What Your Shoes Say About You?

by Madhvi Bansal

Can the choice of your footwear determine your personality? The answer is a big no. But it can define your personality in some way, according to some recent studies. Some of us are hard-workers and some are smart enough to handle things. Here in this article, we are about to correlate some of your personality traits with the shoes that you prefer you wear often.

Boots – people who like to control


People who wear boots often take responsibility at any given time. Boots with heels to specific defines you as a strong-willed personality.

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Sports shoes – Sets a goal


Sportspeople always have the tendency to treat everything in life as a goal. If you are someone who loves to roam around with sports shoes, you will certainly set goals in life and move forward to achieve it.

Flats – Don’t seek attention


People who wear flat shoes or flats, in general, are considered the majority who love to work but do not care about the rewards. They seek no attention but work tirelessly to achieve perfection.

Leather shoes – Professional


Men or women who love to wear formals with suits and leather shoes, often go up the ladders and stay professional with work ethics.

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Flip Flops – Cool headed


We wear flip flops when we relax or during a vacation to chill around. If this is your favorite thing, then you are the person who is cool-headed and take life the way it goes. Sometimes these are the people who involve in creative jobs.

Pump – Bossy


If you are someone who has a thing for flashy pump shoes, then you must be powerful from inside. This personality of being bossy reflects in every work you do and every place you go to. Powerful to the core and bossy in work and personal life are few traits to define them.