The prices of water bottle which Virat Kohli drinks, will shock you

by Madhvi Bansal
Prices of virat kholi water bottle

Bottled water has become common these days while travelling and eating out. They are not only easily available but costs cheaper also. There are lots of brands that sell bottled water however one of the France based bottled water brand is favorite of the Indian Skipper, Virat Kohli. Each litre of water from this brand costs about Rs 600. Virat Kohli is enjoying the stardom due to his excellence in batting which he has been able to maintain with his fitness. In addition to the strict workout and diet plan, and the water he drinks. The brand of which he drinks bottled water is not very popular but definitely its quality is the best.

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French imported water for Kohli

 The French multinational company, Evian sells bottled water at extremely high prices because of its quality and special methods of preservation. Since bottled water from this brand is not available everywhere so Kohli used to carry his water bottles everywhere he goes. He drinks atleast 4-Litre of water every day. Evian water is special because it is filled with water from natural spring that is located in the rural areas in France.  Along with this, Evian uses polyethylene terephthalate (PET) bottles which are 100%recyclable material. Each type of bottle comes with a limited edition pack that makes the bottled water from this brand most expensive.

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Features of Evian’s water

The speciality about Evian’s bottled water is that it is rich in adequate amount of minerals which help Virat to stay healthy and fit. Along with this, it helps in reducing weight, improving the quality of your skin and controlling depression. Hence, drinking Evian’s bottled water can be easily consumed by the people with the weaker kidneys. It has the unique composition and neutral pH which makes it ideal for drinking for everyone to get better health. 

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Evian bottled water is consumed by many celebrities including sports stars. Although, it is expensive yet its advantages attract the people, who are fitness freak, to buy it.  Hence, Evian is the most preferred bottled brand by many celebrities.