Vivek Oberoi apologises for tweet on Aish, dropped from Charity fundraising event 

by Madhvi Bansal
Vivek Oberoi

Actor Vivek Oberoi has issued an apology on twitter after posting a meme of Aishwarya Rai Bachchan. He tweeted that it calls for the immediate remedial action if a woman feels offended by my reply to a meme. The actor said, ” Sometimes what appears to be funny and harmless at first glance to one, may not be so to others. I have spent  the last 10 years empowering more than 2000 underprivileged girls, I can’t even think of being disrespectful to any woman ever”. 

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 Criticism on social media 

Over the social media and everywhere else, Vivek has received a lot of criticism which insisted him to apologize for his post. Because of the post, he had to cut little with Smile Foundation that had dropped him from a fundraising event on Odisha Fani Cyclone relief at DLF,Promenade. 

 The meme features pictures of Aishwarya Rai Bachchan with Actor Salman Khan, with Vivek Oberoi and with her husband and daughter Abhishek Bachchan and Aaradhya respectively. the meme was captioned “opinion poll”, “exit poll” and ” results”. 

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Apology after NCW came into action 

 His apology came right after a notice issued to him on Monday by National commission for women (NCW).In a letter issued to him, NCW has sought an explanation from the actor for sharing a post that carries a picture of a girl and a woman. according to the concerned authority of the commission, the post was offensive and shows disrespect towards the women in general.  

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 The actor that Since the Loksabha elections 2019 are going on so people are getting easily influenced in the political vibes. Hence, the post he tweeted was just for the fun sake. It was not to intentionally disrespect anyone. Just that someone had sent him a creative meme which he found funny. 

According to him, there are some people who had unnecessarily politicised the issue. He added that if someone mocks at you, you should not take it seriously. All those who are in the meme don’t have any problem but everyone else has.