Nathuram Godse’s journey.. Till he shot Mahatma Gandhi

by Madhvi Bansal
Nathuram Godse

Nathuram Godse is well known as the assassin of “Father of Nation”. He shot Mahatma Gandhi on 30th January, 1948. He is such a character whose patriotism and love for his nation can never be comprehended in the Indian history. On the same evening, Nathuram killed Gandhi, an FIR was file against him at Tughlak Road police station and nearly after two years of the incident, he was convicted and executed through the legal procedures by the Indian court. It is exciting to know the h journey of Nathruram Godse from a patriot to Gandhi Killer. 

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 Highlights on the life of Godse

Nathuram was born in Baramati in Chiptavan Brahmin family. He was brought up as a girl by his parents to avoid the curse that they believe their family bore. Before the birth of Nathuram, three other sons of his parents had died in their infancy. These incidents made Nathu’s parents to believe that their family is cursed. His nose was pierced and he worse ‘Nath’ hence he was popularly known as ‘Nathuram’. Due to the British influence, he was deprived of the social mobility.  

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Nathuram as a politician 

In his political career, he first joined Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh then later Hindu Mahasabha. His political ideology was to employ force to defeat the ruler. He was against the ideology of Gandhi was to attain the independence through non-violence and trust. Along with this, his interest to unite Hindu-Muslim was unfair and anti-national. 

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Incidents that instigated Nathuram Godse

During the partition of India in 1047, Hindus and Muslims both were spreading violence. At that time, Godse was involved in helping people irrespective of their religion. However, after witnessing the brutalities of Muslims on Hindus and Sikh refugees in Pakistan, he came up with his mid make up to assassinate Gandhi, whom he considered was the root cause of that. According to Godse, Gandhi was being over generous to Pakistan which was instead showering brutalities on the people of India. In addition to this, according to a document penned by Godse, his final decision to assassinate Gandhi came after Gandhi agreed to Jinnah’s request to pay Rs55 crore for Pakistan.

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 Nathuram Godse can be said as a man of self-respect and cause. After assassinating Gandhi, he didn’t escaped instead let the police to arrest him.