Have you heard the name of khooni nadi in rohini?

by Madhvi Bansal
Khooni nadhi

Ever thought that places like Delhi, which is amongst the busiest cities in India, is also a home to haunted spots. Even the busiest cities that remain vibrant and frenzied throughout the day are narrated by several paranormal activities in the night. Khooni Nadi is one of the spotin Delhi where people have noticed paranormal activities.  

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Khooni Nadi – Spook Unlimited

According to the locals, there is no one person who has entered the river that has made it back to the shore alive. What makes Khooni Nadi so scary lies in the fact that this stream is not as deep when compared to most other rivers in the country. Khooni Nadi is undoubtedly one of the spookiest haunts in Delhi. A stream that is shallow and a great spot to enjoy a few splashes, has turned into a haunted place. Khooni Nadi accounts for a large number of deaths each year.

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Khooni Nadi is located in North Delhi’s Rohini district and is easily accessible through Delhi Metro’s Rohini West Station and through rail. This river is a small stream surrounded by green vegetation and trees. Even though there’s no evidence to prove that this spot is haunted, however, the locals residing there have witnessed several paranormal activities. Therefore, it will be tough to find people roaming in and around this pond once the sun has set or in the night.

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The Story That Surrounds Khooni Nadi

Touted as one of the most dangerous spots in India, this river is also known as bloody river. Locals give you terrifying accounts of several tourists being sucked into the waters of the river, never to be seen again. They claim that a demon or mysterious force that lives inside the river, sucks anyone who trespasses the area. That is not all! It is said that dozens of people who head out for a swim, never return. And, if that is not spooky enough, the waters that have claimed so many hundred lives, have never ever been recovered. Police, and detectives too are baffled by the many unknown mysteries and unresolved stories that surround this mystical river.