Oxford Dictionary Steps In As Rahul Gandhi Slams PM Modi with “New Word

by Madhvi Bansal
Rahul Gandhi

The Oxford Lexicon embedded itself into a political discussion in India after Congress boss Rahul Gandhi asserted that the there was another word in the English language “Modilie”, focusing on PM Narendra Modi for “always altering reality”.

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Discovering a new word

Tweeting a photoshopped screen capture of the lexicon’s site, Mr Gandhi stated, “There’s another word in the English Word reference”.

Answering to Mr Gandhi’s tweet, Oxford Word reference said the picture he shared was “phony” and “does not exist”.

Despite the fact that Mr Gandhi did not name Oxford Word reference, the screen capture shared by Mr Gandhi demonstrated a site that looked like that of celebrated publication’s, finished with a promotion for the Congress.

Modilie – new word to be included on Oxford

Gandhi had likewise conveyed another tweet on Thursday. “‘Modilie’ is another word that is turned out to be mainstream around the world. Presently there’s even a site that indexes the best Modilies! (sic)” connecting to a site, modilies.in. Individuals in the Congress said that the site was a making of the Congress web-based social networking group, with a few of its individuals tweeting about it over the most recent couple of weeks. Gandhi’s tweet was to promote the site.

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“To always alter reality,” said one of the definitions inside the screen capture shared by Mr Gandhi, a statement with a double meaning utilizing the Executive’s surname to demonstrate what the Congress has named his propensity for not talking reality on various issues.

Other definition of Modile

Another definition inside the screen capture said the word signified “to lie unremittingly and routinely”, while another said “Modilie” signified “to lie without rest”.

The screen capture likewise shamelessly named “Modilie” as a “mass thing”, a thing which signifies something that can’t be checked and which does not have a plural word in conventional utilization, as per the Oxford Lexicon.

Multiplying down on the battle, Mr Gandhi likewise tweeted on Thursday the connection to a site which he said “inventories the best Modilies!”