Will be assassinated like Indira Gandhi, BJP after my life: Arvind Kejriwal

by Madhvi Bansal
Arvind kejriwal

Chief minister of Delhi and Aam Aadmi Party chief Arvind Kejriwal, alleged BJP is after his life. He claimed that BJP is intended to assassinate him just like Indira Gandhi, who was assassinated by her bodyguards. Arvind Kejriwal was in Punjab to campaign for AAP’s candidate for Lok Sabha elections 2019 where he told to a news channel that BJP is after his life and they will murder him one day by his own personal security officers.

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Earlier in this month an incident happened with Kejriwal when he campaigning for his party. Arvind Kejriwal was slapped by a man in Delhi during a roadshow though he was arrested later by Delhi police. The police later claimed that the person was a disgruntled AAP worker however the party blamed BJP for this incident with Kejriwal. The party believe that the case of slapping CM Kejriwal is the plot of BJP to threaten Kejriwal to murder him one day.

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Allegations made by Kejriwal

 Kejriwal said that, “I will be murdered one day and the police will still say that it was the disgruntled party worker”. He added can a Congress party worker who is unhappy with Captain Amrindar Singh hit him? He also asked, “can a BJP worker who is angry with Modi, hit him?

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In response to the allegations made by Kejriwal, Delhi Police said that it has a security set up of the highly trained and professional personnel who are committed to their job. They perform their duties with dedication and high level of professionalism.  Apart from serving the security services to Kejriwal, they are providing security services to many other dignitaries of all the other political parties. Anil Mittal, Additional PRO of Delhi Police said that the security personnel deputed for the security of Arvind Kejriwal is equally dedicated to their duties to meet the high end security needs of the Delhi  CM.  

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