Be it Business, Health, and Fitness, or any Other Endeavor, Old Ideas are Always a Secret Weapon

by Mahima Bhatnagar
old ideas secret weapon

Old ideas always stand the trials of time. Nothing happens that could prove the wisdom of ages wrong. Instead, with time their validity prolongs. It does not matter how evolved beings we become, and how advanced, fundamental side of these age-old ideas remains unchallenged. It is for the same reason that old ideas are considered a secret weapon.

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Why New Generations Undervalue Old Ideas

However attractive these old ideas, but that is not always how we see it, practically. People tend to undervalue or forfeit completely, an old idea.

It sounds too used and wearied out, not fit for application in the present life. If reality is anything to go by, it becomes clear that old ideas still remain a priceless treasure.

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Why it is then, the younger generation feels old ideas produce only mediocre results, which cannot help them to reach on top. People feel as all people use it how it can make any difference to them.

It might be true that it produces an average, not at par, results. What`s to be considered though is not result, but the validity and the tests these ideas have endured. They represent the fundamentals of human wisdom, philosophy, and whatever is constant in humanity despite the century’s gap.

Old ideas are rare gems, valued for their own brilliance. They have set themselves apart from the rest of the ideas conceived by the human mind, or as dictated by experience.

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In Businesses and Fitness and Books, Old Ideas Still Prove Secret Weapons

As advancement takes place in the sphere of knowledge, new things come to the fore. New knowledge paves the way for new actions and activities.

In the world of fitness as people become more health-conscious new exercises and methods are being adopted to remain fitter. But out of all those intensive physical-training, a brisk morning walk still remains the fundamental one.

Same holds true for business. The old idea of constant contact with your customer, giving priority to a human relationship still drives businesses forward and can make or break the fortune of any company.

It might be that new books hit the stands and overnight sell millions of copies. But old ones still keep people hooked to them, invite readers to read and reread over and again the same text, because its relevancy, its all-weather wisdom, never diminishes and so-called bestsellers never enjoy that luxury as people forget it after the first reading.

Adopting Old Ideas Does Not Mean Innovation and Creativity Should Be Abandoned

Pressing on the readers how old ideas are secret weapons, is not meant to discourage new thinking, doing things more creatively. It is a mere reminder that old ideas should not be sidelined and forfeited completely. Where ever possible, their application should be made possible, not neglected and undervalued.