Coronavirus: The Four Stages of a Global Pandemic

by Aditi
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From the past few months, the world is suffering from a deadly coronavirus outbreak on a large scale and that causes COVID-19. Till now, India has already crossed 1637 cases and death numbers has been increased till 48 and as cases are like increasing further. There are four stages of this pandemic and how it gradually shows its symptoms.

Step 1


In this first stage of this virus, it does not spread locally. According to the various reports, it is cleared that the people who have a travel history to an already affected country are only infected with this virus. Those who haven’t, they have no chance of getting infected.

Step 2


This stage is the stage of local transmission. At this stage, only those people are getting infected who come in contact with the person who has been already infected, they are usually friends or families. It is easy to trace the spread and send the people in quarantine, at this stage.

Step 3

stage 3

The third stage is very dangerous if any country which has reached to this stage, it is very difficult to trace the source of the infection. Even the person who has no history of travel can get affected by this virus. At this stage, it is very difficult to control the situation. India has reached to this stage.

Step 4

stage 4

For now, China is the only country that has experienced stage 4. At this stage, it is practically uncontrollable and major clusters of infection have been spread all over the country.

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