Myanmar reports first Coronavirus Death as case numbers rises

by Aditi

Myanmar reported the first case of coronavirus death on Tuesday. A 69-year-old man who was also suffering from cancer and died in a hospital in the city Yangon,  according to the government spokeswoman.


In Australia, he sought medical treatment and then stopped in Singapore on the way of his home, according to the health ministry of Myanmar.  He died at 7:25 am in commercial center hospital in Yangon.

Till now, Myanmar has confirmed 14 positive cases, the people who are affected, most of them have traveled overseas. (Source- RT)

But on Sunday, the Ministry of Health warned the country and informed them the country was at a very high risk of ‘major outbreak’ just after ten thousand migrants who are working in a neighboring countries came home before the border closed.

The country knows that it has a weak healthcare system, and the former ruling military junta neglected it. The people are in fear that now they have to suffer from this.

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