Live happily unmarried! Here are the reasons not to get married

by Madhvi Bansal
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Live happily unmarried

When it comes to dating and relationship, individuals have different expectations for their future. Some people prefer to get married while the others choose their ‘singledom’ for life.  You may even find the people who chose to get into the romantic relationship but don’t have any intention to get married. So, it can be said that getting married is the choice for the individuals not a compulsion. A lot of people who don’t marry feel more contented than the married couples.  They have their own reasons for not to get married. The most common reasons stated by the happily unmarried people are:

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  • Don’t have to shoulder the responsibilities 


Choosing ‘not to get married’ is often by the carefree souls. At some places like in Asian countries, it is the obligation on one partner to shoulder the responsibilities of the other partner. Right from meeting the basic needs of the family to handling spouse’s debt, providing quality education to children and taking care of the luxury needs as well, husbands are responsible. Not all the men are ready to shoulder the responsibilities of the family hence they prefer to remain single. 

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  • You don’t have to be loyal with one partner throughout your life


Marriage is a concept that supposed to unite two souls for the whole life. Trend of spending life with one partner is changing. People are now more interested in spending their lives while dating multiple partners to experience emotional happiness and new sexual adventures. Thus, the idea of settling with one partner for their whole life seems vague for them. 


  • No arguments at all


 Not all the marriages are like the movies with ‘Happy endings’. A lot of couples face compatibility issues which often led to arguments, hatred and even divorce. Daily arguments over every small thing add bitterness to the relation and make it difficult for the couples to love with their partners.  Being single keeps you away from such arguments as you are not answerable for anything you do. You can live at your own pace.


  • Feel independent without marriage


It is the fact when you are married, you will surely rely upon your partner for different needs. This can prevent the individuals from accomplishing their personal goals and also prevent you to be what you are actually.  Those who want to remain independent choose to remain single and live their life happily. Days are gone when for having the family, people have to get married. They can now choose their families without getting married.