These 7 Locations are Ideal For Honeymoon In Winter Within India

by Shatakshi Gupta

Weddings season is on its peak these days. In such a situation, if you have not yet finalized any place for your honeymoon and planning your honeymoon in India, then we are telling you about the best destinations where you can go for a honeymoon with your partner during this winter season.


 Do you know that Darjeeling is also known as Queen of Hills?   This place is also known for its natural beauty as well as excellent weather and rich culture. After marriage, newly wedded couples can relax and spend romantic moments in Darjeeling tea gardens, toy trains and the beautiful Himalayas.


 If you are planning to go to the hill station for a honeymoon but do not want to go to the crowded hill stations of North India, then pack your bags for South India.  Ooty is one of the most famous tourist destinations in South India which is nothing less than a paradise for a newly married couple.

There is a lot for sightseeing amidst the beautiful hills and natural beauty here. If you are trying to do something romantic, then you can also go for a long walk by holding hands together in lush green and serene hill station.


 Another very famous destination of South India is Munnar in Kerala. The beauty and serene atmosphere here serves to arouse romance between the lovebirds.  You will find all types of hotels in Munnar according to your budget.  Also, if you wish, you can enjoy trekking, boating, rock climbing and tea garden walks with partners here.


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 A place which has a calm atmosphere, where there is no one to disturb and surrounded by sea.  What can be a better place to spend a romantic moment with a partner?  We are talking about the Andaman Islands. The most liked places in Andaman include Port Blair and Havelock Island. This is the best season for couples on honeymoon.


 If you do not want to visit hill station or beach and looking for a royal place for a honeymoon, then you can go to Jaisalmer.  Jaisalmer is one of the most beautiful cities of Rajasthan where you can enjoy historical architecture, excellent hotels and perfect culture. Even if you are foodie, Jaisalmer is the perfect choice for you. Do not forget to go to this city and sit on a camel and enjoy walking in the desert. 


The month of December is perfect for visiting Goa. At this time the weather here is very pleasant. After Andaman, if there is any place in the hearts of people, it is Goa. It is also a very popular honeymoon destination among Indian couples. There is a lot to do in Goa. Apart from the beautiful beach here, you can also sun soak, and yes, girls can flaunt bikini.


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It is everyone’s dream to spend time with a partner in the beautiful plaintiffs of Kashmir.  The white mountains and cool weather here bring the couples closer to each other. Apart from this, snow sports will also give you a lot of adventure. The beautiful Dal Lake in Kashmir is one of the favourite destinations of couples.  When you feel relaxed while sitting in a lodge with a partner in Dal Lake, then it seems that Kashmir is indeed a heaven on earth.