Why hill stations are banning the use of plastics

by Madhvi Bansal
Hill stations

Tamil Nadu’s iconic hill station, Ooty hosts millions of tourists each year. It is the most sought-after destination in Southern India. Ooty has now taken steps to become plastic-free. The Nilgiri Area Management has banned the use of single-use plastic including water bottles, soft drinks and food items filled in plastic wrappers along the highways leading to the area’s main towns. The ban is set to come in effect from August 15.

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Ooty, one of the most sought after hill stations in India, is fast marching toward its goal of becoming a plastic-free zone. As per the reports, this ban will be effective from August 15 onward. This iconic hill destination in Tamil Nadu attracts lakhs of visitors every year, thereby attracting tons of plastic litter as well. The need of the hour is to encourage people for responsible tourism, which means such a measure will not only benefit the place but will also help people in the long run. Ooty falls under the Nilgiri District Administration and has already banned the sale of single-use plastic, such as soft drinks and food items packed in plastic wrappers, plastic water bottles. This ban not only applies in Ooty but also along the highways that lead to the district’s major towns.

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Tourists requested to use biodegradable or reusable bottles:

In place of plastic bottles, tourists have been requested to use biodegradable or reusable bottles which can be filled from different RO water points located in popular tourist spots and even on highways that lead into Ooty. All shops and food stalls along the highway leading up to the check-points to the district will also be prohibited from selling plastic items like water in plastic bottles, juice in KEPT bottles and food items packed in plastic wrappers.

Villages that are not allowed to use plastics:

After August 15, usage of plastics will be not allowed from the entrances of Nilgiris such as Burliar, Kunjapanai, Kakkanallah, Nadugani, Thalur, Solladi, and Geddai and tourists are also not be allowed to take some such banned items along with them.