Which Job Will Suit You If you love travelling !

by Madhvi Bansal

Working for 9 -6 every day behind a computer screen isn’t suitable for everyone. Some people love to travel and to explore the beautiful world, but being stuck in a cubicle is draining to them. If you are in one of them who love to travel, but can’t bear the expenses of travelling, so here are the potential career paths in which you can work as well as travel.

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Travel Agent

In the age of online travel website and travel price comparison websites, there is always a need of professional travel agent. It’s an interesting job for anyone who loves to travel. It doesn’t matter whether your client is looking for a business trip or leisure travelers, they’ll thank you for your insider insight into local sights and activities. Your job is to offer honest and helpful advice to clients.

Travel writer

If you have got a knack for writing, you can share your knowledge about popular travel destinations. Travel bloggers are in huge demand these days, and lots of full-time travel writing positions exist. You can also get work from freelancing websites and can work as a full time freelancer.

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If you are fluent in multiple different languages, you could become a translator and travel the world helping people communicate. You as a translator must be fluent in at least two languages. The countries with the most language service providers (LSPs) include the United States, Great Britain, France, China, Italy, Japan, Luxembourg, Sweden and the Czech Republic.

Ski instructor

If you have a passion for snow sports and traveling, combine your passions and become a ski instructor. There are openings at ski resorts throughout the world, including in the United States, France, Switzerland and Canada. When ski season is over, you can look for work at an indoor ski resort.


If taking selfies and click are your passion, and you’re skilled with a camera and want to capture the world, consider becoming a travel photographer. Many organisations need full-time photographers  while you can also make a living by freelancing. Travel photographers are needed to take photos of everything from high-end resorts and tourist attractions to local events and cultures.