H1-B Visa Ban Imposed By Trump Expired; Know Its Significance For Indians

by Shatakshi Gupta

Good has come to America for IT professionals of India. Former President Donald Trump imposed various restrictions on foreign workers, including H1B visas.  These restrictions are now ended. But the new President of the United States, Joe Biden, has refused to continue these restrictions imposed by Trump.

In such a situation, the Indians will be the biggest beneficiaries as most of the applicants for this are Indians. This ban has come to an end on 31 March 2021. Before this ban, thousands of Indians used to go to the US to work on this visa.

What is an H-1B visa?

H-1B visa is a non-immigrant visa, which allows US companies to hire foreign workers for providing theoretical or technical expertise. This visa is very essential for tech companies to appoint tens of thousands of employees each year from countries like India and China.

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Why the ban was imposed?        

The former president of the United States, Donald Trump, banned foreign workers’ visas. He argued then, that these visas pose a risk to the US labour market amid economic recovery.  On December 31, 2020, Donald Trump extended this order till March 31, 2021. He then said that this visa ban was urgent because the Coronavirus pandemic was disrupting American life.

When these restrictions came into force, it was also opposed by the US big tech companies. These included companies such as Google, Facebook, Microsoft. These companies believed that instead of reducing the job for locals, this visa system is increasing the employment options.

Significance of this expiry of the visa ban

The Indian workers will be the biggest beneficiaries of the end of the H-1B visa ban. Due to this ban, thousands of Indians were unable to go to America. But they will now be able to return to work on their H-1B visa. There will no longer be any travel ban on these H-1B owners.