Booker Prize 2020: ‘Shuggie Bain’ Written By Scottish Writer Douglas Stuart Wins The Coveted Honour

by Shatakshi Gupta

Scotland’s author Douglas Stuart has been chosen for Booker prize 2020 for his book ‘Shuggie Bain’. Booker Award Foundation announced this coveted award on Thursday. The book which is chosen for the honour is a debut novel of Stuart.  This is the second Scottish novel chosen for this award so far.  The award comes which a huge amount of money, which is 50 thousand pounds.

The book ‘Burnt Sugar’ written by Indian origin writer, Avani Doshi also reached so far in this race, although the success was achieved by Stuart. This time there were six books in the booker prize race. The jury chaired by Margaret, which decided this award consist of Lee Child, Sameer Rahim, Emily Wilson and Lane Sisa.

‘Shuggie Bain’ is the story of a little boy who was living in Glasgow in Scotland’s government houses during the 1980s. Shuggie and his brothers and sisters were left by his father and they were raised by their mother who herself was drunken.

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The novel is considered ‘Political’ in nature

Alex Preston, who wrote the review of Shuggie Bain, consider this a serious political novel. It unveils the dark nature of Glasgow’s society where people only pretends to be decent. Through this novel, Stuart talks about poverty and associated issues. To write this novel, Stuart took the time for more than 10 years. Stuart has dedicated this book to his mother who was drunken and she died when Stuart was 16 years old.

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 Avani Doshi was also in the Race for her book ‘Burnt Sugar’. American born Indian origin Avani is living in Dubai. Besides, the other books in the race were ‘This Mournable Body’, ‘The New Wildness’, ‘The Shadow King’ and ‘Real Life’.