World’s first rooftop 360- degree infinity pool

by Mahima Bhatnagar
Infinity Pool

London becomes the first, which will have world’s first rooftop infinity pool with 360-degree view. This pool will be made by the British – pool company ‘Compass Pool’ and the designer and technical director for the construction of this pool is Alex Kemsley.

This pool will be made on the rooftop of 55 story skyscraper called infinity London with 360- degree view of entire city. The height of this pool from ground level will be 200 meter at such height pool will be like merging in sky.

This pool is constructed by using acrylic material instead of glass , this will make entire pool transparent in day and in night entire pool will be lighten with the sparkling light. With this see through pool, people inside the building can see the swimmer in pool and vice versa. This pool will consist 600000 litter water and it will be heated by the waste heat energy of hotel and the wind speed for the pool will be controlled by the built-in anemometer.

The biggest question for this pool is how to get in this pool? For this designer Alex said there will be a rotating spiral staircase which is based on the submarine door opening from the roof of the pool. The complete staircase will be controlled by the programmable logic controller which ensures the all functioning related to pool. The construction work for will start in 2020. This pool will be the construction miracle. It requires every detail to be performed in perfect manner because if it is not then the whole hotel will become swimming pool.