Preparing Your Female Personal Grooming Kit? Here’s What All You Must Have Into It

by Shatakshi Gupta

For women there are always a lot of products available when it comes to personal grooming. Many of us find often find it so very confusing of which one should we chose amongst them. For women we must always be ready with our essentials or rather a grooming kit, which should contain all those products which we often use for our daily maintenance. No matter whether you are a working professional or student, all of us now a days need our personal grooming kit. Even many of us also love travelling, for these purposes too we must always be ready with our grooming kits. Remember, your kit should always be travel friendly.

Always remember that the grooming kit should be handy, manageable and easy for us to carry. Personal grooming kits must only include all those essentials which you necessarily use for maintaining yourself in day to day life, else things will get too fussy for you.

Here’s a list which might help you to overcome your confusion on what should be the part of your grooming kit.

Cleanser/ Moisturiser

Based on your skin type, you must choose a cleanser or moisture which is suitable for your skin. In case, you have an oily skin then you can even opt for Aloe Vera Gel. It is a must have for your daily life.

Sunscreen creams

Now comes sunscreens, again these are very essential to use, not only if you are a working professional but even if you are a student. Because we are exposed to direct sunlight which can be harmful for our skin. And if you are travelling then you must definitely use sunscreens or anti tan products, based on your skin type.

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Lip balm/ Lipstick

This is also, an important part of grooming. Many of us, may find lip balms sufficient for our daily use. But, several times our job or profession demands us to use lipsticks, so makes it an important part of our grooming kit.

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Shower Gel

These days we have a large variety of shower gels available in market, for different skin types. And these shower gels fulfil all our needs usually, as you can even apply them on your face. So you must surely have one in your kit.

Razors/ Wax Strips

For we as women, have to also be sure of our facial hairs, arm pits and so on. As we need to look presentable, not only as a working professional but even as a student or even as a house wife too. So razors or wax strips are also equally important for us as the part of our personal care kit.

Mini Perfumes

This needs no explanation as most of us this use either perfumes or deodorants in our day to day life. So we must also have one mini perfume which we can easily carry in our kit or our handbags without making them heavy.

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Intimate Hygiene wash

Most of us must be aware that, we should never use soaps for cleaning our intimate areas. Rather we must use intimate wash to clean our private body parts. And this has to be done regularly so, it is very essential part of our personal care kit.

Face wipes/ facial tissues

Many of us, sweat badly which may  completely spoil all of our make up or even our lip shades or eyeliners. So we must also carry facial wipes or tissues, even if you don’t sweat still they turn out very important when your make up may get disturbed.


Eyeliner are generally used by most of us, while we get ready for our office or even when you may go to your college. You must have something to make your eyes look beautiful and here comes eyeliner for highlighting your beautiful eyes.


This is also very important, which works quickly and even if your face sweats more then also using compact gives you quick results. Thus, you should make it as a part of your personal grooming kit.