Future of Tourism with COVID-19

by Shatakshi Gupta

In the wake of preventing spread of Coronavirus countries have closed their borders. Tourism is one among those industries which received maximum impact due to COVID-19. Some reports suggest that International tourism arrivals may slump as much as 78% in 2020. United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) says “This is by far the worst result in the historical series of international tourism since 1950 and would put an abrupt end to a ten-year period of sustained growth since the 2009 financial crisis. Considerable challenges remain ahead, starting with the unknown duration of the pandemic and travel restrictions, in a context of global economic recession.”

But the world can not be under restrictions forever. So some countries have started the relaxation process and it is very likely that tourism will be resumed soon. But it is very clear that your travel experience will not be the same as before. Here are some possible changes that you may see in near future.

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More precautions at Airports than before

This experiment is in pilot phase, Hong Kong airport is testing such booths. In these booths sanitizer is sprayed all over body except face for 40 seconds. This will ensure safety of everyone. Some airports are planning to implement e-check in and passport control. Various signage of maintaining social distancing are being installed at Airports.

Changes in flights                                                       

Passengers may be provided with some protective wearing during journey, though it may cost more to passenger but this will ensure their safety. Airplane companies are on the verge of bankruptcy, so  it is very important for them to win the confidence of fliers. These precautionary measures might attract more travellers.


Changes in Hotels

Hotels will definitely undergo certain changes, like prohibiting pool section, bar section, buffet and other activities those gather crowd. Also they need to change their spatial arrangements in restaurants and lounge area. Hotels are expected to use those materials which are easy to sanitize. The website of Cary Arms hotel says “We possess an ozone gas generator which will be used in each room after a guest checks out and before the next guest checks in. This can reduce the presence of virus particles by almost 100% and is similar to technology used in hospitals”. Similarly other big hotel chains like Marriott are claiming the world class disinfection in their properties, it includes the use of electrostatic sprayer, hospital grade disinfectant, bundles of disinfection wipes in rooms.

Apart from these changes you may also find restrictions on your favourite beaches, night clubs, casinos etc. But as it is said something is better than nothing and these restrictions will also be removed eventually in upcoming months.