Assam floods: 4 million people displaced; 86 died, UN extend support for Assam

by Shatakshi Gupta

Every year districts of Assam face severe floods as we have witnessed in the past. But in 2020, when already the entire country is trying to battle against the COVID-19 pandemic, Assam floods this time had caused a huge havoc; which had already displaced around 40 lakh people. Floods took away with them not only houses, schools and other buildings, but also took lives of around 86 people as of 21 July, 2020.

Floods also destroyed the livelihoods of lakhs of people, their crops, agricultural fields, also a huge number of animals also lost their lives in these floods. Around, 23 districts of Assam have been hit by floods.  For this reason, lakhs of people have been transported from one place to another.  During this time many people have also died due to floods. At this time of need, the United Nations had also extended a helping hand towards India and said that if the Indian government needs support, the United Nations is ready for it.

In this regard, United Nations Federation spokesman Stephane Dujarric said that about 40 lakh people had to be moved from one place to another due to floods in Assam.  Such situation is also seen in Nepal, which has arisen due to heavy rains.  Dujarric said that 189 people have died due to floods so far.  That is why the United Nations Federation has decided that if India needs it, we are ready to help.

Due to heavy rains, there is a lot of destruction there.  Life had become completely disturbed for all those who lost everything in these floods.  Not only this, about 90 percent of the national parks have also been drowned here.  Cattle and livestock also lost their lives in these floods. As of now, five single horned rhinos have died.  Although, NDRF teams are continuously working and carrying out the rescue operations for the people of Assam.  Flood relief work is being carried out unstoppably from last few days.

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Kaziranga National Park sinks 90 percent

The drowning of animals in the Kaziranga National Park in Assam is due to its drowning.  According to the information received, 90 percent of the park has been drowned.

So far 66 animals have died due to floods in Kaziranga National Park.  This was told by Kaziranga National Park, Director P. Sivakumar.  According to him, 170 animals have been rescued from the flood waters.